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Vet warfare.

Vet any violation of autonomy.

Are incursions into mind and space justified by emergency,

or do they serve someone's ongoing exploitation?  

Who decides.  How.

Special focus:





Polish-Lithuanian victory

over Teutonic Knights, Grunwald, Poland 1410

Jovan Plamenac, execution 1944, Montenegro. An academic, humanitarian: politically active during WWII. Memorial behind monastery, Cetinje, Montenegro. Many devotees.


Chemiakin (Shemyakin) sculpture grouping, Indifference. from Children are Victims of Adult Vices, Moscow

​​Studying War: HubHere, explore war in its larger setting:  What triggers conflicts, what determines weapons, how are skills learned for population control, including persuasion techniques.  Defense, responses. What works.

Origins of war. Can it be contained. Analyze kinds of warfare.